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Should I Sell My Home Over the Holidays

Should I Sell My Home Over the Holidays?

The holidays are notoriously the most wonderful time of the year. As the real estate market seemingly is settling down, many people are wondering if it will go to a standstill.

People interested in selling their homes over the holiday season may be questioning:

  • Is now a good time to sell?
  • Is anyone looking to buy?
  • Will I get over-asking bids?

With the market’s wildness and unpredictability, they may have good reason to be hesitant.

Here are the facts on whether or not you should sell your house over the holidays:

Low Inventory and High Prices

Although the real estate market has shifted, inventory is still low. Prices continue to stay higher than normal.

The holidays continue to be a great time to put your home on the market. A dependable real estate agent can help you elicit interest in your property from many potential buyers.

Competition is Stronger

Now is the perfect time to list your home. With low inventory, buyers are chomping at the bit to find their perfect dream home.

This foundation allows home sellers to garner multiple bids. More times than not, you will receive many over-asking offers—a true holiday gift!

More Serious Buyers

When you list a home during the winter months, you are bound to garner the attention of more serious buyers. Many people prefer not to move during cold weather as the process can be more hellacious and difficult.

When you receive an offer on a home listed during the holidays, you can be assured they are serious about purchasing your property. Another perk? Serious buyers during the holidays are looking to fulfill their New Years’ resolution of purchasing a new home!

Warm and Cozy Thoughts

The holidays are a time for togetherness and coziness. A new home can provide the perfect setting to enjoy hot chocolate by a cozy new fireplace.

Holidays can make people feel more emotional and make it easier to sell a home based on emotions. The homey and comfy vibe can quickly sell your home for you.

Festive Neighborhoods Yield Results

Holiday lights are one of the main staples of the winter months. When neighborhoods join in the illuminating delight, neighborhoods become magical.

This promotes a festive feeling where people want to be a part of the fun. The cheerfulness of the holidays matched with emotions makes the holidays a great time to list your home. Neighborhoods can easily feel more joyful and warm during the holidays—the perfect recipe for selling your home.  

Bottom Line

If you are looking to sell your home during the holidays, fear not—it is a GREAT time to do so! The warm and cozy feeling and the heightened emotions of the holidays can help sell your house in no time flat.

Low inventory and high interest yield strong competition from buyers. The winter months pave the way for the more serious buyers. The holidays are a great way to make someone’s New Years’ Eve resolution come true in their new dream home!

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