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Money Saving Tips of the Pros for Winter

Money-Saving Tips for Your Home this Winter

Winter is a time for spending more time at home and is the holiday season. This time of year, it can be difficult to keep finances in order—especially if you are a homeowner.

This winter, shift your focus on saving money in your home. Top pros shared their best money-saving tips in their homes.

Here is everything you need to know about how to save money in your home this winter:

Use That Air Fryer

You know you bought one—so put it to use! A study showed that air fryers cost significantly less than traditional ovens.

Air fryers are 50% more energy efficient than an oven. Save even more money by using your air fryer all year long!

Tumble Dry

It is no secret that your dryer machine uses a ton of electricity or gas. Although many people love that warm-out-of-the-dryer feel, it can hit you hard in the pockets.

To save more money this winter, opt for the tumble dry option. You can even go as far as forgoing the dryer entirely and line-dry your clothes.

Hang Curtains

Curtains not only add aesthetic appeal to any room, but they are also huge money savers! Curtains provide insulation based on the fabric and thickness of your choice.

The heat can be preserved in your home, thus reducing the need to crank up the heat. Fleece-lined or heavier materials work best in tandem with keeping the curtains closed more times than not.

Get Out the Blankets

It may sound obvious but can save you hundreds in electricity costs. The lower the heat, the less energy you are paying for.

You may be surprised how warm you stay under a warm blanket. An even better tip: try a heated blanket!

Plug the Drafts

Another tip of the pro is to plug the drafts. Whether it is your first winter in a new home or your twentieth, drafts are inevitable.

Check the windows, walls, doors, and floorboards for any cold air sneaking in. Next, visit your local hardware store and peruse the many options for blocking drafts, leaks, and cracks throughout your home.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Although an easy oversight, it is imperative to prepare your home’s pipes for the winter months. Frozen pipes result in blocked water—or a burst pipe which can cost you thousands!

Before you run into a serious problem in the coldest months of the year, take preventative measures. Run hot water through the pipes and use the heating several times. If the pipe is malfunctioning, pour boiling water over the end of the pipe to get the water flowing once more.

Bottom Line

Winter can be a wonderful time of togetherness and memories. Follow these tips of the pros to enjoy this season—and save money in the process!

Taking proactive steps to prevent winter disasters can save you thousands of dollars and unnecessary headaches. You can also save money in the long run by implementing more energy-efficient habits.

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