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How to Set Up an Inviting Home for the Holidays

How to Set Up an Inviting Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is here! With Halloween just behind us, it is time to start the preparations for the next holiday: Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time for gatherings and is an all-around time to relax and slow down. The winter months provide us the space to live in the moment and be grateful for the lives we live.

Here is how to set up an inviting home for the holidays:

Start Early

Many people stall the necessary time it takes to prepare their homes for the holiday season. To properly prepare, you need to begin early.

Holidays are notorious for sneaking up on us. Don’t let yourself get caught off-guard—especially if you are planning on hosting friends and family this year. Choose the day you want to get started and let the holidays commence!

Comfort is Key

As you know, Thanksgiving is the time for togetherness and warmth. Therefore, comfort is key!

Add plenty of throw blankets and Afghans over beds and couches to increase the coziness. You and your guests will immediately feel welcomed when they have a comfortable place to curl up.

Clean it Up

The best way to prepare for the holidays is to clean it up! Remove any clutter and unnecessary items from your home. If you plan on decorating, it is best to start with a clean slate.

Do a deep clean of the entire house so it’s easier to maintain during the upcoming busy holiday season. A clean home promotes health and well-being, let alone creates the ultimate sanctuary to enjoy the cold months.

Rake the Leaves

It may seem taxing but keeping a clean yard is sure to set the scene for the glorious cooler months. As beautiful as the freshly fallen blanket of leaves looks, leaves can become treacherous to your grass. Without proper cleanup, sitting leaves can hurt your lawn.

Leaves can deprive your grass of necessary sunlight. If you want strong, thick, sought-after winter grass, it is best to remove any debris in the yard.


Decorating can be as simple or involved as you prefer. Start with knickknacks that bear your favorite holidays which can include themed:

  • Throw pillows
  • Décor
  • Candles
  • Lights
  • Table and chair covers
  • Towels
  • And more

To amp it up even more, take your decorating outdoors! Set up a holiday oasis with themed animatronics in your yard, bows, wreaths, and ribbons. Choose your color theme and implement it throughout to adorn the holiday season.

Bottom Line

The holidays are the best time of year. Preparing your home early, decluttering and deep cleaning, and setting up tasteful holiday decorations are great ways to create a warm and inviting home this holiday season.

Don’t forget to decorate and prepare outside of your home as well. The first impression paves the path to the hospitality that awaits anyone who visits your home. Your guests will be amazed at your holiday-ready home!

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