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How to Lower Your Home Danger Risks this Holiday

Protect Your Home from these Common Holiday Hazards

The holiday season is a time of joy—and an increased risk of danger. Let’s keep the “happy” in “happy holidays” as we embark upon another round of festivities.

Over $9.5 million worth of property loss occurred to fires with over 50,000 fires occurring each year. Home invasions are on the rise during the holidays too.

Practice these safety tips to keep you, your loved ones, and your home safe this holiday season:

Ensure Door Locks are Functioning

The holiday season is full of cheer—and robberies. Home invasions significantly increase this time of year due to more expensive items in the home in the form of gifts.

Replacing old locks with new high-tech deadbolts is a great way to keep you, your belongings, and your home safer. Install yourself or with a professional to keep the safety in and the danger out.

Tree and Cooking Fire Hazards

Cooking a turkey for the holidays is one of the most delicious traditions—and the most dangerous. Spittle from the grease or a faulty turkey pan can cause a fire, and quickly.

Additionally, be sure to keep your Christmas tree away from any heat source. When selecting your real Christmas tree, run your hand over the tree to see the fallout of needles. The more needle fallout, the drier and the higher the risk of it catching fire. Over half of the tree-related fires come from dried-out trees and faulty electrical wiring.

Check Your Festive Lights

Whether on your home or wrapped around the Christmas tree, check your lights. Look for any split wiring, cracks, or issues in the electrical wires. If you spot any, immediately dispose and purchase a new set.

Go a step further and inspect your sockets for any cracks, loose connections, and frayed insulation. Watch for any signs of trouble including:

  • Tripped breakers
  • Burning smells
  • Flickering
  • Sparks
  • And more

Keep Up with Home Maintenance

Maintain your home through the winter season. Remove any debris from your yard including leaves and other items.

Maintain your lawn to keep it looking nice and to show anyone attempting to rob you and damage your home that you are, in fact, home.

Use Smart Lights and Home Security System

Ward off anyone interested in robbing your home by utilizing smart lights. You can turn them on or off regardless if you are home, thwarting any thieves away from your property.

Install a home security system to protect your real estate investment and beloved treasures. Be sure to implement a sign on the lawn that states that your home is protected.

Bottom Line

Your home is most likely your biggest investment. During the holiday season is when you need to protect it more than anything.

Looters, house fires, and faulty wiring can be disastrous to you and your property. Millions of dollars in property damage are lost each year around this time. These danger prevention measures ensure the safety of your real estate and everything within its doors.

Your home will thank you!

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