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Best Tips for Making Your Big Move as Easy as Possible

You are about to embark upon the next big adventure in your life—you are moving! Whether you are selling your home or buying a new home, moving can become hectic—and fast.

From the time you plan to move to the actual moving day, there is much to do. So how do you not get lost in the mix?

Here are the best tips for making your big move as easy as possible:

Plan Your Move

The most important aspect of moving is preparation and planning. To ensure a smooth transition, it is imperative to plan ahead. First and foremost, plan the day you intend to make the big move.

After the moving day is selected, create a list of things you need to make the move—your moving checklist. Common examples of items on your moving checklist can include:

  • Boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent markers
  • Labels
  • Essentials—food, first aid kit, drinks, etc.
  • Utility provider information
  • Insurance
  • Electricity provider information
  • Healthcare providers
  • Keys
  • And more

Prepare early to prevent stress later on—at least one month before the big day!

Invest in Quality Moving Boxes

The cheaper options are not the better options. For the most efficient move, select the highest grade moving boxes available.

Your priceless possessions must have a safe way to be transported. Cheaper boxes can give way and break, scattering and breaking irreplaceable items.


Before you move, you must decide what you plan to take. Declutter the items you no longer need, that are no longer relevant and that you are ready to part ways with.

Make one pile for trash and one for charity. Since the pandemic, even more families are needing essentials and need your help.

Take Photos of Everything

Snap pictures of furniture parts and accessories before you move. Label cables, drawers, handles, doors, and anything else you want to remember. Put bolts and screws into plastic baggies and label accordingly.

Take pictures of electronic setups so you can remember which cord goes to which electronic. This will prevent distress when it comes time to set up in your new home.

Start Packing!

Now is the time to begin packing your things. Pack for at least one hour each day until the day you plan to move. Separate items by room and label accordingly so movers know where to put your boxes.

Wrap fragile items and mark FRAGILE to ensure nothing gets broken in transit. You can even use different color packing labels to sort the rooms with ease. And don’t overpack your boxes!

Expert tip: To save space with clothing, wrap your hanging clothes in garbage bags, poking the hanger handle through the top. For folded clothes, roll them up instead to save a ton of space!

Bottom Line

Moving is inherently stressful. When you plan ahead, you can make the transition easier—and even enjoyable!

Keeping everything organized will make moving a breeze. Now is the time to start celebrating as you step into a new life in your new home!

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