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Best Time to Sell a Home in Columbia, South Carolina

The real estate market is still on fire. From bidding wars to waiving full inspections to thousands over the asking price, the market is not slowing down. In fact, it may just be getting more intense.

As rates continue to climb and inventory is on the slower side, competition is steep. High interest is a certainty! This can beg homeowners to ask themselves the question: When is the best time to sell my home in Columbia, South Carolina?

Here is everything you need to know about the right time to sell your home.

What the Experts Say about Selling Your Home

Real estate experts suggest South Carolina real estate sales boom in June. The median sale price of Columbia homes is approximately $360,000, which is 8.6% more than the annual average. With an in-demand market, things have changed. Rates continue to climb and housing prices increasing. Therefore, August and September may be the perfect time to sell too!

Tips to Sell Your South Carolina Home

These tips will set you apart from your competition and evoke high interest in your property.

Choose a Competitive Home Price

Hiring the best South Carolina realtor can make all the difference. Knowing the right price can elicit more interest from potential buyers than simply picking a number.

Columbia real estate agents know: 

-the market


-neighborhood comps

-selling/value prices

In a hot seller’s market, it is vital to separate yourself from the competition and stand out. Too high or too low may push your perfect buyer away!


Although homes are practically selling themselves right now, it is essential to market your home—and correctly. Take time to adequately prepare your home before you start showings. You can even hire a home stager.

Creating an airy, clean home with furniture staging can engage and appeal to buyers. This will help them ‘see’ the home as if they were living in it. Be sure to hire a professional photographer.

Negotiation Tactics

The negotiation process may be the most important part of the home-selling process; it can make or break your home sale. Buyers will submit their offer, and then it’s up to you to either accept or counter the offer. 

If your counteroffer is too higher, expect the buyer to run off. If it is too low, you may not have received the true value of your home—plus the extra profit from the hot market.

Make Those Upgrades!

You may not want to…but this is a must! Offering to upgrade your home gives you more negotiation power on top of being warranted a higher sale asking price.

Buyers are not interested in high prices for a home that needs repair i.e. an old, failing water heater. Fix the major appliances and throw in a few modern touches—such as light fixtures and hardware—to truly appeal to your buyer!

Bottom Line

If you are ready to sell your home in Columbia, be sure to follow the necessary steps. Although June is a great time to sell, NOW is also the perfect time to sell your home in South Carolina!

Get ready to pick a competitive price, negotiate, and stand your ground. Don’t forget to hire an expert realtor to guide you along the real estate process as it is an intense process!

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