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Best Neighborhoods in Columbia, SC

The East Coast is notoriously famous for tourists, four seasons, and famous landmarks. Whether it be some of the biggest cities in the world like New York City or the famous beaches like Myrtle Beach, the East Coast boasts incredible amenities.

Lesser populous cities also take the cake on this coast. For example, cities across South Carolina. A widely popular city with incredible neighborhoods and real estate in South Carolina is none other than Columbia.

Here are the best neighborhoods in Columbia, South Carolina:


This oldest and biggest South Carolina neighborhood was voted the best neighborhood in Columbia in 2012. Its appealing tree-lined street is armed with bungalow-style homes and is aesthetically pleasing to everyone.

Family-friendly and equipped with close proximity to the University of South Carolina and Emily Douglas Park, this neighborhood boasts a little something for everyone. Shandon offers peace of mind with peaceful retreats to call home.

Downtown Columbia City Center

The Congaree Vista is an eventful area of the downtown city center in Columbia, SC. Offering dozens of shops, dining, and nightlife, this neighborhood is filled with both family-friendly and adult-aimed activities. 

Businesses, locals, and tourists alike flock to this eventful area. The never-ending lineup of live music and cultural events is not something to miss!

Fort Jackson Area

Located in the southeastern area of Columbia, people are relocating to this area in record numbers. New housing options are becoming available as the popularity continues to increase in the Fort Jackson area.

Congaree Pointe is an inviting community along with Eagle Park—a sought-after gated community. Parks, touristy areas, and gorgeous craftsman-style homes line the residential areas with a military base close by.

West Columbia

This city emulates suburban living with easy access to the big city! An antique district, ample shopping, coffee shops, and many restaurants to choose from make this area the go-to place.

The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden and Avenues District bring in local residents and tourists alike. You’ll be immersed in luscious green, tree-lined streets and feel right at home amongst the single-family homes.


Young professionals, retired people, entrepreneurs, and families adore the Rosewood section of Columbia. The ranch-style homes boast inviting architecture from the 1950s and 1960s. 

An urban farm draws crowds and is the only one in the area—and it’s walking distance from the residences! Immerse yourself in the family-friendly activities, events, and even an 18-hole disc golf course.

Bottom Line

Columbia, South Caroline is a great place for young professionals, families, retirees, tourists, and everyone in between. Events, live music, shopping, and dining are in overabundance in this city. You can find the peaceful serenity of your own private oasis in addition to big city living, all rolled into one. Columbia and its glorious neighborhoods await you!

Come visit and purchase a home with a South Carolina realtor today!

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